Welcome to European Dynamics Partners Alliance

We are a strategic international community of Microsoft Dynamics MasterVAR’s for Eastern Europe and Microsoft Dynamics reselling and implementation partners. Together with affiliated partners we offer well known Microsoft Dynamics business systems combined with industry specific solutions for clients.

We offer

Sales and marketing support

We work for our partners, helping with telesales, digital marketing and content marketing lead generation. We are interested in attracting new customers to our partners.

Cross-resource sharing

If there is some extensive deal, customer to serve or a difficult project, our partners can share their knowledge and experience to help you.

Higher margins on sold licences

Our partners are motivated to work and sell more – the more they do, the more they earn. Even if you have just started working with us, you will receive significant discounts on licences.

Additional services and products

We offer wide range of add-ons developed by us and our partners that cover all industry needs – localizations, HR management, POS system integrations, mobile solutions, warehouse, web shop, etc. We take care of Licence and Licence Enhancement Plan support and any incidents that occur.

Cloud services

We have two ways to meet your customer needs with help of our own hosting infrastructure and Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Partner training

We understand that the key of successful business, satisfied customers and good recommendations is the in-depth technical knowledge of our partners, that’s why partner training is an important part of our job.