Why should Dynamics NAV professionals join a Microsoft MasterVar program?

During the past couple of years, I have received lot of questions regarding the main advantages of joining our MasterVar program. Therefore, I decided to make a list of main benefits for a company that is thinking of starting a business or growing its current business in Microsoft Dynamics NAV area and become a member of European Dynamics Partners Alliance and a bigger partner for Microsoft:

  1. There are no turnover limitations to become a European Dynamics Partners Alliance partner.Human hand drawing partnership puzzle on the whiteboard For new company it is a huge obstacle to make turnover ~20’000 EUR a year. This is criteria a company needs to complete in order to become a partner and start working directly with Microsoft;
  2. No annual or monthly fees are applied for partners in MasterVAR program, so for a new company there are no extra expenses to become a partner;
  3. Business network that unites 25 partners, ensuring cross resource sharing between partners if partner company are limited in IT recourses;
  4. Ready-to-use marketing tools and materials for company promotion in the market. Than includes fully developed brand (European Dynamics Partners Alliance), logos and marketing guidelines from Microsoft;
  5. Partner at any time can discontinue one’s membership in MasterVAR program and start working directly with Microsoft. There are no obligations in MasterVar partnership agreement that forbids partner to drop out of the Alliance at any time he wants. It is easy to join and easy to leave the MasterVar program.
  6. Joining the Alliance is simple. Company can become a partner in 5 business days after signing partnership agreement;
  7. Partner gets full access to Microsoft partner support systems just as it would be when working directly with Microsoft. It includes access to Microsoft Partner Source that holds following information: Microsoft Dynamics NAV product news, learning materials, Microsoft Dynamics NAV promotion information, presentations and marketing materials. As well as to Microsoft Partner Source Business Center that keeps all information about your customers, their Microsoft Dynamics NAV licenses, license download, license orders and developer license orders;
  8. Higher license margins – we have made our discount policy simple, easy to understand and margins are higher than working directly with Microsoft;
  9. Ready to use industry specific solutions (known as add-ons for Dynamics NAV). Partners can buy and/or sell add-on solutions developed by other Alliance partners and gain the share of the deal.

Potential Microsoft Dynamics NAV partners from Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Turkmenistan and Mongolia  are welcome to ask for more information about partnership with European Dynamics Partners Alliance.









Lauris Lejnieks
Business Partner Manager
Skype: lauris.lejnieks