New partner - Aptus Group OÜ from Estonia has joined our partner alliance


Aptus Group is a young and agile partnership what was formed by seasoned MS Dynamic NAV professionals in order to cooperate and thus add even more value to our customers than it was possible to as independent consultants and developers. We are striving to be the best team in Dynamics NAV business in our market and so a failure in implementing NAV solutions is not an option for us.


Aptus Group is a strong believer in agile and lean approaches in software development and system implementation. The implementation methodology, used by Aptus Group, provides clear milestones and total transparency of the project to our customers. Our approach allows customer to execute the implementation with minimal risk, as each milestone brings to customer a fully working system and the customer can always see the actual value it has received from implementation process. We are honoring our customers time and money and will not perform work what will not bring value to our customer.


The partners who are working for Aptus Group are all professionals in they respective fields. But we do not consider the extensive knowledge of Dynamics NAV to be our main benefit - instead we believe that the unique blend of both business and ERP software experience is the benefit that our customers will get cooperating with us. We are confident that every member of our implementation team can discuss relevant matters both with the CEO and the shop floor manager.


The experience and focus of the Aptus Group lies in manufacturing environments. All of us do have manufacturing background or experience in implementing Dynamics NAV in manufacturing companies. We are ready to implement any kind of connections and communications to and from Dynamics NAV environments, including barcode systems, weighing solutions, work time management systems, e-document exchange, etc.



e-mail: aptus@aptus.ee

phone: +372 6617792

website: www.aptus.ee